The Association runs different activities in order to accomplish its aims and objectives. Here you will some information about these activities.

Attendance of the International Joint Industry Committee (I-JIC) meetings

The Association is member of International Joint Industry Committee and attends the meetings of this organisation. I-JIC is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which reunites organisations from the world whith the same aims and objectives as ARMA has. At the I-JICs’ meetings, the Association presents its activity in Romania, the issues encountered and obtains information about the activities of the I-JIC members in their countries.

Attendance of the European Media Research Organisations (EMRO) meetings. EMRO is an association that promote contact between organisations engaged in media research and between the persons involved in management, planning, execution and application of surveys and their data in audience measurement.

Organising meeting, symposiums and conferences regarding the audience measurement

In order to fulfill its aims and objectives, the Association organises meetings, symposions and conferences regarding the measurement audiences activities.

Realisation and providing of research studies and surveys in the audience field

The Association realizes research studies and surveys in the audience field in order to improve continously the TV audience measurement service.