Are you a newcomer or are you familiar with the field?


BASIC KNOWLEDGE targets those who want to get off to a good start with their career in the media and advertising, while TOWARDS EXCELLENCE targets the experienced employees of specialized companies.

The content of course handouts for both MEDIA SCHOOL modules is drawn up by highly qualified specialists with an extensive expertise in the field.

Among the lectures and the practical activities which define the content of these classes we must mention: marketing and communication, market research, mass-media, media management, planning and strategy, management of advertising accounts, negotiation techniques, presentation of audience surveys for the TV, radio, the written press, the internet and the software for their usage. A special attention is awarded to digital communication.

During these classes, Basic Knowledge and Towards Excellence, besides the study of the curriculum topics, practical activities are deployed also, in order to find out, research and put into effect the main systems for the measuring of audiences and the existing circulations in Romania (SNMATV, SAR, BRAT, SATI) as well as the many techniques, procedures and market research.

Get off to a good start!

BASIC KNOWLEDGE module targets the beginners: specialized companies employees with maximum 6 to 9 months within the company, high school graduates, students, university graduates etc.

The classes are composed by lectures and practical activities regarding:

  • Fundamentals of marketing

  • Media strategy and media planning

  • Management of advertising accounts (scheduling, ordering, monitoring, reporting, reconciliation, invoicing etc.)

  • National Television Audience Measurement system presentation

  • InfoSysPlus analysis software presentation

  • Radio, internet and readership surveys presentation

  • Digital communication environment

Enrich your knowledge!

TOWARDS EXCELLENCE module targets the senior employees of the specialized companies, activating within their companies for minimum two years, who want to improve their skills and to obtain a better position with the company

The classes are composed by lectures and practical activities regarding:

  • Marketing and communication

  • Modern management of the companies

  • Media businesses optimization

  • Negotiation techniques in business

  • Multimedia audiences measurement

  • TV audiences measurement - where to?

  • InfoSysPlus analysis software for managers

  • FOCUS for managers

  • Digital communication environment