1. What is the content of the courses organized by MEDIA SCHOOL?

Among the lectures and practical activities which define the content of the courses organized by MEDIA SCHOOL, we mention: marketing and communication, market research, mass-media, media management, planning and strategy, advertising account management, negotiation techniques, presenting audience surveys for TV, radio, readership, the internet and the corresponding analysis software applications. A special attention is on digital communications environment.

2. The frequency of MEDIA SCHOOL classes supposes ongoing presence or trainees can be employed or complete their education in parallel?

Courses last for 3 months, while activities take place every fortnight, alternatively on Friday or Saturday, respectively on Saturday, 6 hours per day. Consequently, trainees will be able to attend MEDIA SCHOOL courses in parallel with attending a university or having a job.

3. Who should attend MEDIA SCHOOL classes?

MEDIA SCHOOL classes answer the market needs and solve, in a consistent manner, the issue of training at high quality standards the staff necessary in the research / planning departments of TV stations, advertising clients, as well as media and advertising agencies.

4. When classes will take place in 2011?

BASIC KNOWLEDGE module will start on September 16, 2011 and TOWARDS EXCELLENCE module will start on September 23, 2011.