Media school

Welcome to MEDIA SCHOOL! Welcome among professionals!

For a successful career in media and advertising, learn from those who have the best expertise in the field. Now, this opportunity is offered to you by MEDIA SCHOOL.

MEDIA SCHOOL organizes classes with several complexity levels which initiate and/or train the current and future staff of the mass-media, of advertising clients and of media and advertising agencies, by examining disciplines such as: marketing and communication, market research, media management, strategy and planning, advertising account management (scheduling, ordering, monitoring, reporting, reconciliation, invoicing) at both theoretical and practical levels.

By attending MEDIA SCHOOL classes, you have the opportunity to meet with famous representatives of some major organizations involved in MEDIA SCHOOL, to pay a visit and work in TV stations, with clients, and in media and advertising agencies, to conceive projects for graduating.

We are expecting you at MEDIA SCHOOL!