You will find below some of the aims and objectives decided by the General Assembly of the Association.


Execution of the S.N.M.A.TV providing contract

The Association is party of the agreement concluded with the National TV Audience Measurement Services (S.N.M.A.TV) provider. The Association runs a continuos activity in order to obtain the accomplishment of this agreement by the S.N.M.A.TV provider and by ARMA members. The Association is also in charge with the fulfillment of the S.N.M.A.TV agreement procedures for the relationship with the S.N.M.A.TV provider. The Association sustains and represents its members’ interests regarding the S.N.M.A.TV provider.


Monitoring the National TV Audience Measurement Services (S.N.M.A.TV)

The Association monitors permanently the quality of S.N.M.A.TV and verifies the validity and reability of the data obtained through the Service. In case that some possible discrepancies are identified between the technical specifications for quality, validity and reliability agreed for the data, the Association informs the S.N.M.A.TV provider about these issues and follows the issues to be solved.


Auditing of the S.N.M.A.TV

Each year, the Association appoints an independent auditor in order to verify S.N.M.A.TV. The audit is conducted according to the audit technical specifications, written by ARMA Technical Committee and approved by ARMA General Assembly. The audit verifies the compliance of S.N.M.A.TV with contractual technical specifications. Details regarding the auditing activity you will fiind on this website at the section Activity/Audit.