School Structure

Theoretical knowledge demonstrates its value when it is implemented in an appropriate manner.

MEDIA SCHOOL has two main modules: BASIC KNOWLEDGE for beginners and TOWARDS EXCELLENCE for the employees of companies in the field which are already familiar with the field.

In order to optimize the theoretical and practical levels of knowledge, the MEDIA SCHOOL teaches trainees, in groups formed by maximum 25 persons and minimum 18 persons, in classes modules which last 3 months each.

Classes are structured so as to provide an easy assimilation of information, by those who have some experience in the media as well as by the beginners or the persons who come from other areas of expertise.

MEDIA SCHOOL makes available to trainees a laboratory equipped with all the equipment needed, offering a modern and competitive working environment.

During the deployment of the courses, trainees will be assessed and scored according to their performance; at the end of the classes, they have to draw up a paper, in accordance with the requests and criteria imposed by the Scientific Council, which will be taken into account at the classes graduation final score.

After the completion of classes and the drawing up of the graduation paper, each trainee will be granted a diploma attesting MEDIA SCHOOL graduation, a document which enjoys notoriety and appreciation among media and advertising agencies, TV stations and major companies interested in advertising which operate in Romania.